This extraordinary vine growing area of the Marche, rich in history and passion, has given birth to these modern wines with ancient roots.
Our Offida Pecorino Docg grows in the vineyards that stand on the hills around Ascoli, in the vicinity of Mount Ascensione, more specifically in the municipality of Castignano, where they are subjected to considerable variations in temperature.

The historic Passerina cultivar is achieving great success thanks to the fact that it is being used for single variety vinification. Our Passerina is organic, and the vineyards in which it grows are located in the Offida area, at the centre of the Piceno wine-growing district.

The origins of Rosso Piceno, which was made a Doc in 1968, date from much further back: there was mention of a wine produced by the Picentes tribe even before the arrival of the Romans. It was the Picentes tribe, who gave its name to the territory in which it resided, that left the first traces of what, thousands of years later, was to become Rosso Piceno DOC. The Greek historian Polybius, in one of his tales, tells that Hannibal stopped in the Picentes area during his descent towards Rome and, seeing that his army's horses were in difficulty, ordered them to be rubbed with very mature Red wine.
Falerio Doc is connected to the Piceno area's historic origins: its name derives from Faleria, an old Roman town now known as Falerone. The value of this wine is to be found in coastal culture and a fish-based diet: Falerio enhances the flavour of the white and oily fish that the Adriatic Sea provides for those living in the area like no other wine.