Where we are

Lovely, beautiful Marches, a region which can stand up to many other more famous ones, which can offer endless and extremely high-level historical, artistic and natural attractions: from the sea to the snowy mountais, from music to literature, to films, to the most excellent arts.

A region which possesses the most beautiful lord's palace of the entire Italian Renaissance, in that Urbino which is not called the "Athens of Italy" for nothing.

That region which, in Recanati, gave birth to the greatest Italian poet of nineteenth century Giacomo Leopardi, and in Pesaro to the genius of Gioacchino Rossini.Just a few dozen kilometers away is the umpteenth masterpiece, this time due only to the limitless imagination of nature: the Frasassi caverns, recently discovered, unrivalled anywhere else on Earth.

The sweet hills around Macerata are contrasted by the impervious, deep gorges of Sibillini near Ascoli Piceno, while the Adriatic seems to act as a mirror for the peaks of Conero, near Ancona or Montefeltro, towards Urbino and San Leo, in front of Pascoli's "blue vision of San Marino"..