Offida Pecorino Docg

Offida Pecorino Docg is this areas' crowning achievement. The rediscovery of this cultivar, which only occurred in recent years, has made it possible to enhance and make known the characteristics of this wine, which was never vinified pure in the past. It has turned out to be a characterful white, with distinctive features that are so intense it can easily be associated with red wines. It is characterised by a high sugar content, which raises its alcohol level, always above 13°, with a good body and high acid content. The result is a surprisingly long-lived, powerful and pleasantly flavoursome wine.
Vino Offida Pecorino Docg

Offida Pecorino Docg.

Bottle 750 ml
Variety Variety Pecorino grapes
Alcohol 13,5% vol
Recommended pairings
White meats, roasts and fried fish.