Jesi and the Verdicchio

The production area for this white wine includes most of the hills in the province of Ancona, with its fulcrum in the hills around Jesi, and extends into the Misa and Nevola valleys, including part of the municipalities of Ostra and Senigallia.

The "Classico" denomination is reserved for Verdicchio produce in the oldest original area, through which the Esino river runs.

The cultivar has been grown in the Marche since ancient times, and has close genetic ties to the Trebbiano di Soave and Trebbiano di Lugana varieties. This has resulted in various suggestions regarding its origins. The most popular of these is that the cultivar may have been imported to the Marche region by the Venetian colonists sent to repopulate the area after the terrible plague in the mid-thirteen hundreds; another theory is that the cultivar is indigenous and was taken to Veneto as a result of the existing trade links between the coastal towns and the Venetian Republic. The discovery of some old documents shows that Verdicchio was present in our area as early as the Sixteenth century, while its name appears for the first time in 1569, in a notarial deed from Jesi. Exciting with "Fossa" cheese.