Who we are

The Verdicchio wine was described by Alaric, King of the Visigoths, with the words “Sanitade et bellico vigor” for the ability to give soldiers health and war force. It is with inspiration to the medieval history of these Italians lands, the Marche region, which Terre de’ Conti wanted to select the best wine cellars in this area, small excellent wineries each protagonist in one of many DOC Territories in this region. Each with its wine, undisputed Lord.

Why is it named Terre de Conti? Terre de’ Conti means “Lands of the Lords”, during the Middle Ages this region was divided into several Duchies and Counties, each with its own local Lord, each of them specialized in the production of a typical wine. Bianchello wine in the area of Metauro, Verdicchio wine in the hilly lands around Jesi dominated by many castles, the Lacrima wine in Morro d’Alba and so on. Every valley and territory with its unique wine undisputed protagonist.

Terre de’ Conti brings together these ancient territories under one brand, selecting in every county or duchy the small winery capable of excelling in his typical wine, originating of its lands.

So let's find out behind our label not a single winery committed to producing all types of wines, but many small wineries, its king in the production of precisely only one type of wine, always seeking the excellence.

Today Terre de’ Conti is the way to bring to Europe its best wines of these exclusive wineries of the Marches.